Welcome to TOUGH GIRL Beauty Basics. Make-up created for the active woman!

About Us

Our mission at TOUGH GIRL Beauty Basics is to provide high-performance, quality beauty products designed to support the dynamic lifestyle of our clients.

The team at TOUGH GIRL Beauty Basics, with over 30 years of experience in the cosmetic industry, came together to create a line of products with the active woman in mind.

In researching various brands, we found that many beauty products do not hold up well during exercise and long, active days - - they run, smear, transfer, and fade, and are not packaged to be portable or “on the go.”  Tough Girl products have been developed to be “tough wearing" - - they stay looking fresh and will not run or smear.   The pre-designed kits are portable and convenient, and the perfect solution for the active, no-nonsense woman.

We’re not looking to replace all your cosmetics, just the ones you need to be a TOUGH GIRL!