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Fall in love with Aloe

Tough Girl Beauty Basics

Do you want fresh looking eyes in the morning?  If you have access to fresh aloe, cut a small 1/2" piece and place it in the freezer overnight.  In the morning, remove it from the freezer allowing about 5-10 minutes for it to thaw a bit, then cut it in half as if you were cutting a bagel (we all know what that is!).  Take a slice in each hand and softly run the aloe around the eye area, upper and lower lids.  Make sure to have a tissue handy as the aloe will melt quickly when it touches your skin and it gets quite messy.  Use it all over your face too and over time you should see the benefits.  Tissue or rinse off the excess when you're done.  Your skin will feel awake and refreshed, and you'll be ready for your beauty products. Enjoy!

Your team at TGBB xoxo

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